November 3rd, 2007

Arwen and Fizz

Great Idea Jetty

We are all trying to make sure that we have each other's addresses for Chris-Moose cards, and Jetty (Quite rightly) pointed out that the Jerseymob compiled a list which just needs bringing up to date. Well I've done it, so if anybun wants a copy of the complete list, send an e-mail to and we'll send you a copy. On the list so far we have:-

Jerseymob (Not sure this is still up to date)

Bramble’s Pack

The Hare-Um

Cheeky & Coco


Adam & Loopy (Adam is about to move burrow)

Jasmine and Oliver

The Furry Mob

Stewpid 2-foot, Slave of Friska and Smudge,

Star & Sweetpea

Princess Taz

Snowball Thomas


Dandy & Misty Turner

Gretchen Bun

If you are not on the list and need to be added, then send all your details to
Arwen and Fizz

More Bunny Tunes

At last the 2-foots are stirring themselves and recording again. There have been two new songs recorded today. The last one was called "Feeding Time" Now THAT is my kind of song!!!
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    Feeding Time