November 29th, 2007

Arwen and Fizz

Bunny Tunes 3 - The final track listing

Here it is... The information that you have all been waiting for... The final track listing for Bunny Tunes 3

Disc 1

1. Dedicated follower of Millie - Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
2. Chasing Velvet - Jazz & Ollie’s 2-foots
3. You’re Bunderful - The Furrymob
4. Summer Buns - Sunshine Daydreams
5. (You gotta have) Buns – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
6. Maddie’s shopping song – The Furrymob
7. Bunny Flicks – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
8. Buns do something to me – Jazz & Ollie’s 2-foots
9. Binkie down the hall – Sunshine Daydreams
10. Bunnyslave blues – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
11. Sounds of bunnies – Sunshine Daydreams & Kafka Siverweed
12. Sunshine superbun – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
13. I chewed it my way – Baldy

Disc 2

1. Hop Tonight – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
2. Bunny in the basement – Sunshine daydreams
3. Something ‘bout my bunny I like – The Furrymob
4. Someday soon (song for Ollie) – The Hare-Um
5. Feeding time – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
6. Buns up late – Sunshine Daydreams
7. Strange hares in the night – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
8. Bonding’s for bunnies – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
9. Bunny Lane – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
10. Bunny Treats – Sunshine Daydreams
11. This Bun – Millie & Cedric’s 2-foots
12. Silly Bun Songs – Sunshine Daydreams
13. Angel with fur – Steve Richer

I have a favourite already. It's "I chewed it my way by Baldy. I've also seen a preview copy of the DVD, and it looks BRILLIANT (but then again, I feature on it so it would be). This is the track listing for the DVD

1.Dedicated Follower of Millie
2.Bunderful Tonight (from Bunny Tunes Album 1)
3.Sounds of Bunnies
4.Hop Tonight (performed live at Bunny Camp)
5.Over the Garden
6.Chasing Velvet
7.Feeding Time
8.The Bunster (from Bunny Tunes Album 2)
9.You're Bunderful
10.Binkie Wizard (from Bunny Tunes Album 2)
11.This Bun
12.Money, Plastic Money
13.Hoppin' all over the World (live performance)
14.Do a Binkie (from Bunny Tunes Album 1)
15.Carrots for Nothing (live performance)
16.Bunny Slave Blues
17.Summer Sun
18.I Chewed it My Way
19.Bonding's for Bunnies
20.Angel with Fur

I just need to get confirmation from the Furrymob that the final version of the DVD is ready, and then I'll start taking orders. Egg-sigh-ting or what!!!
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