March 21st, 2008

Arwen and Fizz

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst...

Easter should be a time of hope. A time when all of the spring flowers start to show, when nice fresh herbs are there for the nibbling, and when the days get longer and the nights get shorter so that we can all enjoy the sunshine...

The truth is though, I always worry at Easter. I worry that all too many STUPID 2-foots that have no idea how to look after a bun will fool some young kit into adopting them. Bunny Camp is always very busy in the weeks after Easter when the 2-foots realise that they can't cope, and I'm sure that lots of other places are just the same too.

So I'm very hopeful that Easter with it's promise of sunny days to come will bring us all health and happiness, but I'm also very concerned for the unlucky buns that will make the wrong choices.
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Arwen and Fizz

My card

Before any of you ask, yes Millie did write a nice verse in her card, so of course I did the same. Here's mine.

I love you so my 2-foots
I know you love me too
You clean my dish and litter tray
And check my bum for poo
I like it when you scratch my back
I like it on the floor
And if you have any pellets
Could I pleaser have some more
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