December 11th, 2008

Arwen and Fizz

Just to twist your paw

As you know, we are all trying to help Mr. Andy & Auntie Sue who now has to have another hop-or-Asian tomorrow. Just to help to persuade you to contribute and download the special Chris-Moose song and video, here are the words (and the chords just in case you want to play it)

So here it is Hoppy Chris-Moose


D                        Em7            A   

Are you chewing on your carrot on the floor?

Are you gonna lick your dewlap or your paw

         G               D             G          D     

Spare a thought for Mr. Andy looking after Auntie Sue

            Em7              G                    A       

While he’s helped along by Merry and Ringo too.



            D        F#m

So here it is Hoppy Chris-moose

F                   A

Everybunny's having fun

D               F#m

Send them some vibes right now

    F                    A 

Come on and help us everybun


D                        Em7           A

Are you waiting for your salad to arrive?

Are your 2-foots there to keep you warm inside?

      G            D         G               D

Well think of Mr. Andy, and think of Auntie Sue

Em7                  G                       A0

And pray they both enjoy themselves like you




Middle 8

Am                      F      Am                  F       G  A

What would your 2-foots do, If they were in Andy’s shoes? Ah ah


        D              Em7              A 

Are you chewing on the pellets in your bowl?

Are you hoping that your jingle ball will roll?

         G             D          G                 D  

Will you try to find a moment to send more healing vibes?

G                       Em7               A

And show Andy that you love him and his wife


Chorus (4x)

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