May 8th, 2009

Arwen and Fizz

3 things

First and pawmost, your weekly reminder to vote in the BunnyTunes chart. So far, votes are in from... Nobun at all yet, SO GET VOTING!!!

Secondly, I am pleased to be able to report that all attempts that the 2-foots are making to protect their decorating werk-in-progress are failing. They have put up some plastic stuff to stop us getting at the new wallpaper, so I flicked some poo over the top of it (picture below)

Thirdly, I have some more news on the dangerous 2-foot food Fission-Chips. Hoparrently, for it to be REALLY dangerous it needs a catty-list. Now this is not a list of meows, it is a substance that needs to be added to the Fission-Chips for make it unstable and dangerous. So far, I have discoverd three things that when combined together and eaten with the Fission-Chips spell the most danger. They are:-

1. solt
2. vinnygur
3. and finally the most unstable substance of all - mushy pees

Stay alert. Your life may depend on it.
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