October 14th, 2009

Arwen and Fizz

Auntie Cly-Max

You know the 2-foots say the strangest things...

I know that I have an Auntie Gladys. She is ancient having been round the sun 88 times, but she can be relied upon to send us treats every week, and she always makes a fuss of us when she comes to stay, but now the 2-foots are ttalking about an Auntie Cly-Max. This Auntie Cly-Max seems to have come on the scene since Live Hay'd. The 2-foots keep saying that everything following Live Hay'd is an Auntie Cly-Max, which of course makes no sense at all.

If there is an Auntie Cly-Max on the scene I bunder when she will start sending treats?
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