July 5th, 2015


Just call me ambassador Haggis!

After pleas from priesthillbuns I decided to risk the journey (fraught with danger though it was) and paid them a visit this evening.

First, I said hello to my brother who lives there

and then I said hello to Mitzi

who then went outside to tell Danny that I had arrived,

One of priesthillbuns 2-foots was having a birthday today, so our pet 2-foots had brought presents

She seemed quite pleased

I stayed for quite a while and watched as Danny and Mitzi went in and out of the garden

I didn't get to meet Darcy Bussell Bun-Bun though as she decided to remain aloof and mysterious.

The Haggis
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5th July 2015
(Now back home and safe with Annie & Smokey

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