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October 17th, 2015


Following a comment from rabbitsguy it is obvious that you all need to know that there are exactly 68 Days, 17 Hours, 6 Minutes and 12 Seconds to Christmas.
A good day yesterday

More to the point, a good night. Millie bun fooled the 2-foots by running up and down stairs at bed time so that the 2-foots didn't know where she wanted to sleep, so they left me downstairs where Millie and I settled down for some serious cardboard chewing.

Who could ask for more?
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Oh yummy, cardboard chewing - we just love chewing cardboard although we have not seen too much of it recently.


Mmm! Card Bord! One of my favorite veggies!


Umm we like cardboard in fact we love cardboard its so yummy, we got a new box yesterday that we are demolishing now. But we don't do any demolition work during the night as we are good bunnies and no thats the time to sleep.


WHAT! That's no way for Bunny-Mint ministers to behave! I expect you to set an example to the younger buns. You should cause as much noise and disruption as possible during the night as you well know.

Consider yourselves reprimanded.


No we have to say that we prefer to cause as much noise as possible when the 2 foot is trying to have a lie in although now that it is darker in the mornings we are having a long lie in as well.

Night times are for sleeping, oh day times are as well. Mornings and evening are playtime!

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