January 17th, 2016

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Dandy's Journal 6 years ago today

...and an entry from Cedric & Millie.

I just bundered. How many of you let your 2-foots up onto the sofa? Being caring pet owners, Millie and I sometimes let one of them sit there for a special treat furticularly on a Sunday.

Sunday should be a day for families don't you think?

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what dat shiny fing behind your sofur?


gah! dat is awful!


What a kind and caring pet owner you are. Your two-foot looks quite pleased with himself. Be careful you don't spoil him !

Cap Fritz


That is always of course a danger. If there is any sign of it happening though he will be banished back to the floor.


I'm with Fritz. After all your hard work training him I really wouldn't waste the effort by spoiling him!


I think your 2-foot looks a bit uncomfortable and like he is egg-specting to be banished to the floor at any moment!!

Boz xx


I haven't got a so-fur. Buncle J has a chair that we sit on when he's not around and mum has a beanbag that we're not allowed on. Do I need to buy a so-fur?


They are very good for digging in and chewing. Just ask Sascha


Oh yes, sofas are really tasty (especially new ones, hee hee). However i see no glass of whine. We allow ours to flop on the sofa, but she usually has a glass of whine close by when she does.


What a cute family portrait! ^_^


I think it's OK now and then - just don't over do it. What if they want to spend a lot of time there instead of bringing treats and the like?

You must really think these things through very carefully Cedric.

Always have an exit strategy.

freddie_f_lop http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/freddie_f_lop/16141304/123194/123194_600.jpg

Do you let them nibble the furniture with you?


Certainly not, there are limits you know!
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