March 6th, 2018



We have been informed that when dating you should not maintain a low profile. Do you think that these are alright?

Now, on to Dandy's next journal entry which was 15 years ago today.

March 6th, 2003
Living with a faddy rabbit

I'm sure that girl of mine is just playing for sympathy. Whenever I'm watching her, or when the 2 foots are around, she won't eat, but as soon as she thinks nobody is looking, she hops over to the veggies and starts munching. Last night, she even had the 2 foots laying out full length on the floor hand feeding her basil! I'd have laughed if I had not felt so jealous. One of the 2 foots slept downstairs with us again last night, so we got to play out again all night.

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