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April 15th, 2018

Dandy's Journal revisited

Dandy's entry from 15 years ago today...

The Other bags
Apr. 15th, 2003 at 7:08 AM

Still no sign of any more toys. I'm sure that there was stuff in those other bags, so why are they holding on to it? More problems with the big white thing that keeps the house warm. It's stopped working again, although the house does not feel cold (at least not to me & Flopsy girl), but the 2 foots are grumbling about it ALL the time

Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today was one of those rare occasions when Dandy made two entries in his journal.

Here's number 2!

and another thing.......
Apr. 15th, 2003 at 7:15 AM

I like this time of year. Although it may be true that Flopsy Girl & I have had our tackle removed, she STILL gets frisky. We have been having loads of fun chasing each other all round the place, and generally getting in the way of the 2 foots (which is ALWAYS worth doing). Every time they walk in the room, they are in danger of falling over a bun.

I think I made Flopsy Girl jealous last night. Chris picked me up for a cuddle, and it was so nice, I stayed for ages. A little while after I jumped down, Flopsy Girl jumped up on to the sofa to go see Paul (which is something she NEVER does). I like to show that woman of mine who's boss.... bugger, she's coming, I hope she didn't see what I've written, or I'll be in BIG trouble!
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