September 28th, 2018

Arwen and Fizz

Dandy left a further comment that same day.

Dandy wrote another entry...

My Friend Bunny Bunny
Sep. 28th, 2003 at 11:39 PM

My friend Bunny Bunny is getting very old, and very tired now. He is a very wise old chap who has given me lots of good advice. I hope that he is not planning on leaving us just yet, as I would miss him terribly.
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Sep. 29th, 2003 04:10 am (local)
We send our best wishes to Bunny Bunny.

With blessings - Thumper-Binx, Mister Jingles, Loppy and Tigger
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Arwen and Fizz

Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today and Dandy was wasting away...

Sep. 28th, 2003 at 11:52 AM
Arwen and Fizz
I'm starting to get a little bit concerned about the catering around here. Although it's true that Flopsy Girl has put a little bit of weight on, that's only to be expected, as she needs to make sure that she has a nice layer of fat to keep her warm through the winter.

The problem is, the 2-foots don't see it like that at all! They think that because Flopsy is a little bit bigger than she usually is that they need to cut down on food and treats RIDICULOUS!!! DO THEY WANT US TO STARVE? All we are getting now is a treat stick in the morning, and in the evening, a big bag of salad, some cabbage, some herbs, some toast, and some kale. That tiny mouthful has to last us right up until bed time, when we get 1, yes 1 carrot. I'm wasting away!
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Sep. 29th, 2003 04:12 am (local)
Oh ... we won't mention then what we get during the day.

Bye for now - Thumper-Binx, Mister Jingles, Loppy and Tigger.
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