February 14th, 2020

Arwen and Fizz

Hoppy Val & Tiny's Day

Hello everybun.

For the next few months the journal will be all about us as Dandy took an extended break 15 years ago due to technical difficulties. To bring you up to date on us all, Arwen had a couple of sore toes, so she had to take Auntie Byotic's medicine for a while. Arwen says that she wishes that Auntie Byotic would have kept her medicine to herself as it was AWFUL!

We have a new vet. https://www.sandbeckvets.co.uk/ who are just round the corner from us and are very good indeed. They included Arwen in their Christmas video and put a picture of her on their website

Although I think that Helen the vet could do with an eye test as she said that I (Fizz) was overweight!

The 2-foots continue to be rubbish but that's only to be expected I suppose...
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