July 24th, 2020

Arwen and Fizz

Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy's thoughts had turned o Bunny Camp News

an opportunity
Jul. 24th, 2005 at 11:34 AM

As I have been offline for some time now, I can appreciate that all of your problems have been going unanswered. Well I have good news for you all. The latest edition of Bunny Camp News will be published in the next few days, so please feel free to send me details of any problems that you need sorting out, and I will make sure that Millie answers them on her problem page.
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Jul. 24th, 2005 12:20 pm (local)
We will email you the recipe column tomorrow.

Can You get your 2foots to confirm when the hopper group is meeting and see if they can fit some more 2foots in their box-on-wheels.

The pack

Jul. 24th, 2005 03:27 pm (local)
Box on wheels
I will ensure that the official pry-minister's box on wheels is at your disposal for the meeting which is incidentally next Sunday.

Jul. 24th, 2005 12:57 pm (local)
We have a problem our 2 foot keeps trying to pick us up which we hate, but she keeps trying it as she says that she needs to trim our claws, we like our claws the way they are as they are useful for digging in things. How can we stop hr from trimming them?

Willow and Casper

Jul. 24th, 2005 03:28 pm (local)
I will make sure that Millie answers your question in her column. Anybun else have any problems?

Jul. 24th, 2005 06:17 pm (local)
I'm looking forward to reading the Bunny Camp news, I do hop on to your site cos its a cool place to surf.

Love Jetty

Jul. 24th, 2005 07:17 pm (local)
Bunny Camp News
Make sure that you let me have your e-mail address so that I can send you a copy.

Jul. 25th, 2005 07:09 pm (local)
Re: Bunny Camp News
Hi dandy,

My email address (Dad's) stephen.jackson53

I am looking forward to reading your news.

Love Jet

Jul. 24th, 2005 08:17 pm (local)
My pal has tickets on himself, Millie please help!
Dear Millie-Millie-Millie Bun-Bun-Bun
I have a 'friend' who has a totally inflated ego - he really thinks he is IT and is quite insufferable with his constant self praise and big-headedness. I was always taught that self praise is no praise but I cannot seem to get my pal to understand this.
It would not be so bad if he was in any way special, but the truth is he is just an average bun.
How can I get him to see himself as he really is?
Best wishes,

Jul. 24th, 2005 11:28 pm (local)
Re: My pal has tickets on himself, Millie please help!
Dear Millie bun

How do we deal with a very big bun like this?

The pack

Jul. 25th, 2005 01:33 pm (local)
My 2foots make the Burrow too hot. They somehow seem to control the hotness. I know it's not the Sun's fault 'cause the sun hasn't been up in a long time. I can't get the 2foots to understand that it's just too hot. How do I deal with them to make it cooler?

Jul. 25th, 2005 04:49 pm (local)
He he, I always longed for my 2foots to be cooler!

Jul. 26th, 2005 06:40 pm (local)
Re: Geeks
Tee, he, he! That's not the coolness I meant, but that works, too! I mean they listen to old rock music and go to Sci Fi conventions! They have friends who have seen the Revenge of Frith movie more times than I can count on my paws! Geez!
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