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So here's the plan.....

This is what I propose, and I would like to put it to the Bunny-Mint for a vote. If we assume that I receive Mr. Andy's drawing on Tuesday, then I should be able to start sending out Bunny Song CD's by Friday at the latest (just in time for Christ-Moose). What I thought was.... Anybun can buy a CD for £10 (which would include postage & stuff). All the profits would go to Bunny Camp.

After that, anybun who has bought a CD can buy extra CD's at £1.50 each (including postage & stuff), so that they can then sell them on for £10 and raise money for any bunny charity they wish. They might want to raise money for their local sanctuary, or the RWA, or maybe just to help out somebun with a big vet bill.

I really would like your votes or suggestions as soon as possible so that we can start getting CD's out in time for Christ-Moose.

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