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December 21st - a vote

Yesterday, the most incredible bun I have ever associated with went to the rainbow bridge. Those of us who knew Scoot well knew deep down inside that he would not have a long life, but he lived longer than we could ever have guessed and was most of the most positive, affectionate, and above all happy buns you could wish to meet.

It is now a tradition amongst us that when one of our number goes to the bridge that we have a wake to celebrate their lives, but Scoot was SO special that I think we should do more than that in his case. I would therefore like to propose a vote in the Bunny-Mint:-

21st December every year is to be celebrated as "Scoot Day" We should mark the occasion by being nice to each other, helping everybun we can in any way we can, and by making sure that all young buns who were unlucky enough not to know Scoot when he was alive are told all about him, and told that if they try to live their lives in the same way as he did, then they won't go far wrong.


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