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Tired.... I'll show you tired!!!

Oh but do we know how to lead the 2 foots a dance! They both came home together last night. Flopsy girl has got this real cutie thing she does now. When a 2 foot lifts her on to the top of the cage to groom her, she stands on her back legs and puts her front paws on their chest. She then looks all dewy eyed at them as though butter would not melt in her mouth, but when they carry her into the other room and try to sit down with her, she jumps off them so hard, she always leaves claw marks!

I on the other hand am a perfect gentleman. I sometimes provide a gentle tooth purr if they are making a particularly good job of grooming me, and if I'm in the mood, I allow them to stroke me for a while before I jump down on to the floor.

Last night, the 2 foots were tired again, so after they had fed us, and then fed themselves, they sat down to watch that stupid box in the corner that lights up. However, because they were both tired, they fell asleep, and did not wake up until after 2am. One of them went straight to bed, but the other one had to clean our cage out (we tried to help her by sitting in it, but she would not let us). We had made sure that she would enjoy cleaning it out, by tipping out most of the contents of our litter box, and shredding all of the paper... I'm rambling again.... I do that when I'm enjoying telling a story, anyway, the thing is, that by the time she got us to bed, it was nearly 3am, good eh!

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