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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

Just in case you missed the subject line, we have had a brilliant weekend! When the 2 foots came home on Friday, they let us out and fed us as usual, but then they let us stay out ALL NIGHT! It was great, we ran & jumped, chewed every piece of cardboard we could find, threw our food eveywhere, and generally made more mess than you could have believed possible. The 2 foots made is go back in our cage at about 10am on Saturday morning, and I thought that perhaps they had done it because we had been up to so much mischief, but now I don't think so, as they went out when we were back in the cage, and then did not come home until about 9:30 at night. Apparently (now this is really weird), they had been out with some friends (no that's not the weird bit... I meen even MY 2 foots must have SOME freinds) it's what they were doing that's the weird bit. Thet went to watch some horses run ound a field, but every time the horses ran round the field, they got really cross, because apparently they ran round in the wrong order.

Anyway, when they came home, they let us out again, and fed us, and again let us stay out all Saturday night, then on Sunday, we all went out in the garden for hours & hours, & hours! There was me, Flopsy Girl, and both of the 2 foots sat in the sun, eating & drinking and having a GREAT TIME!


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