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This week's chart

After just one week at number 1, "Do a binkie" has slipped back down to the number 2 spot. The big climber of the week though is "Casper's Colours" which is now up to number 3.

# 1. Over the garden (54 votes)
# 2. Do a binkie (46 votes)
# 3. Casper's colours (16 votes)
# 4. Can I have my bunny back (12 votes)
# 5. Nobody's bun (7 votes)
# 6. Bunderful tonight (6 votes)
= Merry's song (6 votes)
= Hoppin' all over the world (6 votes)
# 9. Salad today (5 votes)
# 10.Bunaway (4 votes)
# 11.Bunnies bring me love (3 votes)
= Here runs the bun (3 votes)
# 13.Bunny (2 votes)
= Lets dig together (2 votes)
= Munchin' flowers (2 votes
# 16.Hare (0 votes)

As you can see from the number of votes (thanks Millie for the idea of showing them), The chart is currently in 3 groups. The top two songs are way ahead of all the others, then the next two are quite close, with all of the others very close.

I might not get chance to reply to your comments until the end of the week due to looking after the 2-foot with the fur on the top of her head, but don't let that stop you leaving them, or from voting for your favourite song.

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