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Dandy's last message

This is Millie writing on behalf of Dandy. He gave me one last message for you all before he left for the rainbow bridge about 20 mins ago, this is what he said.

Dear Friends

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the fantastic life that I have had. I have enjoyed every moment of it. You went along with my plan to form the Bunny-Mint, and it has been a huge success. You MUST get together and elect a new Pry-Minister, although if you would like to know my opinion, Millie yould be a fantastic choice, and right now she needs to keep busy to take her mind off things.

I'm sorry that I never got around to writing another book, but I have left lots of notes around for what I intended it to be about, so perhaps somebun else will get the chance to put them all in order and make something of them.

Finally, I have told Millie that I INSIST she finds another buck. He will have to be very special though, as not only does he need to be good enough for her, but at some point, I want him whoever he is to take over this journal. It was the first bunny journal, and it is the best bunny journal, it MUST NOT die with me.

I expect that I will be very busy at the rainbow bridge, so don't expect to here from me directly (at least not very often), but our new liason officer Scoot will pass on all the news I'm sure.

Goodbye everybun I love you all

Dandy xxx

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