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Do as I say, not do as I do

Those of you who have been paying attention to my musings will remember what I wrote last Wednesday about that pond thing in the garden. Flopsy Girl stressed to me that I should avoid it (an instruction which I of course ignored), but I investigated it anyway, and ended up getting wet!
Anyway, to get to more recent events. Yesterday was so hot it was untrue. The 2 foots took us out into the garden quite early in the morning, and we all stayed there until about 8pm. When it was particularly hot around lunchtime, Flopsy Girl headed straight for the pond, hopped in it, and started eating some particularly lush grass that was growing at one end of it. She did not seem to care that she had wet feet, just as long as she could get to the grass. Then (I'm sure that she does this just to annoy the 2 foots), she decided to hop back, but there were some flowers in her way. She proceeded to bite them all off, just so she could get past without getting her feet wet again!
Another thing. She ALWAYS manages to find the shadiest spot when it's really hot, and of course, there is never enough room there for 2 of us!

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