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My name is Cedric, and I am on pro-bay-shun. I have been a very bad bun, and have been punished, but Acting pry-minister Millie is giving me a chance to redeem myself.

I have been very bad because I was born a rex, and rex means king. Millie says that by saying I was king bunny I had to be punished, but I didn't chose it, it's just what I was born as, so I don't really know what I could have done about it. Anyway, this is my story.

When I was born as king bunny, I was straight away fitted with a shackle that I still have on my leg. I was held in a very small cell by a 2-foot who fed me very poor food, and never let me out to play, but every so often, he would take me to a place to be judged to see if I had served enough time in prison, but each time I went, the judges took one look at me and stuck a ribbon on me that meant that I could not be set free, but then just over a week ago, a 2-foot called Sonya (who is my pro-bay-shun officer) came for me and took me to a place called Bunny Camp. At Bunny Camp I was allowed out to play, and was given much nicer food, but when I talked to the other buns there, they said that Bunny Camp is only a place that you pass through on your way to your final home, and that some buns were not there for very long at all.

Anyway, I enjoyed me week at Bunny Camp, but then yesterday, a Doe I had not seen before came to see me, and I was AMAZED to learn that she was Pry-Minister Millie! Everybun knew about Dandy of course, and we all thought that Millie was very brave to be getting on with her official duties so soon after Dandy had gone to the bridge. Millie explained to me that to help make up for being such a bad bun, I could go with her and help her, but that I would have lots of jobs to do, and that the most important job of all was to make a daily entry in Dandy's journal.

I feel honoured, but also very afraid. Dandy was such a great bun that I'm not fit to stand in his paw prints, yet here I am writing in his journal. I have decided to make you all the following pledge:-

I did not choose to be king bun, but I Cedric Rex promise to serve all of lagamorphia in any way that I can. I will not try to lead you, that is Millie's job, but I will be there for any bun who needs me (I'm big and strong and can stick up for you if you are in trouble).

My first action is to pass on to you Millie's gratitude to everybun who voted that from this day forward, February 18th will officially be known as "Dandy Day".

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