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A visit

Yesterday, I had a visit from my pro-bay-shun officer (Sonya the 2-foot). She said that she was just passing so she thought she would see how I was getting on. She seemed pleased, and said that as long as I was a good bun from now on that I would be allowed to stay here. I hope that's right, because I like Millie very much (although she is keeping me at a distance), and I have never known anywhere before where there is room to run and play all day, and to stretch out whenever you want to.
Millie has given me my next big job, I have to help her to write the next Bunny Camp News, she has never done it before, as Dandy always used to do it so she needs all the help she can get, so if anybun has anything that Millie could put in Bunny Camp News we would be very grateful.

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