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This week's chart

Not so many buns voted this week, but those who did, voted a lot. I had a chat with Millie, and we decided that it's not fair to allow any more than 25 votes at any one time, so if you sent in millions (as some of you did), we only counted 25.

1. Over the garden (139 votes)
2. Bunaway (109 votes)
3. Hare (104 votes)
4. Casper's colours (96 votes)
5. Do a binkie (58 votes)
6. Munchin' flowers (53 votes)
7. Here runs the bun (31 votes)
8. Can I have my bunny back (28 votes)
9. Merry's song (24 votes)
10. Bunderful tonight (13 votes)
11. Nobody's bun (12 votes)
13. Let's dig together (10 votes)
14. Salad today (9 votes)
15. Hoppin' all over the world (7 votes)
16. Bunny (3 votes)

I know that you all have the bunny tunes CD, but can you think of anybun else that might like one? not only could you introduce them to the bunderful world of bunny music, but you would help to buy food for hungry less fortunate buns too!

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