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In a sulk

I'm in a sulk this morning, because I had a falling out with Millie last night. I don't think she will EVER let me share the whole burrow with her!

Nevertheless, to take my mind off things, I've compiled this week's Bunny Tunes chart.

1. Over the garden (226 votes)
2. Hare (178 votes)
3. Bunaway (134 votes)
4. Casper's colours (95 votes)
5. Do a binkie (84 votes)
6. Let's dig together (65 votes)
7. Munchin' flowers (53 votes)
8. Here runs the bun (32 votes)
9. Can I have my bunny back (30 votes)
10. Merry's song (24 votes)
11. Bunderful tonight (13 votes)
12. Nobody's bun (12 votes)
13. Bunnies bring me love (11 votes)
14. Salad today (10 votes)
15. Hoppin' all over the world (7 votes)
16. Bunny (3 votes)

Over the garden is number 1 yet again! It's funny. When I was looking back through some of the original charts, it was "can I have my bunny back" that was setting the pace, but now it's a pathetic number 9! Let's dig together continues to win votes as Diggy Day approaches, and "bunaway" is looking good at number 3.

Remember to keep your votes coming in for your faves!

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