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Life as a house bun

With my best girl Flopsy well and truly on the mend now, I thought that it was about time I reflected on life as a house bun..... Hmm... Ok I've reflected, now on to food. It would seem that the food around here is subject to change, and I'm not sure that I wholeheartedly approve.

Take this new stuff we have been getting for example "Pak Choi". The 2 foots came in like they were bringing in some kind of special treat or something, frankly, it's crap! Sure, we will eat it when all the other food is gone, put hey, I'd eat a chair leg (and have done) when all the other food is gone.

And where are those nice pellets we used to get, they were great for crunching on, but just because Flopsy was putting on a bit of weight, they have been giving us less and less, and now we don't get any at all! I wouldn't care, but I like my girls cuddly. Give me a Reubins over an L.S. Lowrey any time (impressed? you should be, I watch BBC4).

Another thing. Where have the carrots gone with the green tops? They know that those are the ones that we prefer, and yet again this week when they came back from the supermarket they only had the ordinary ones.

I think you must be getting the picture by now, it's a tough life, we have to slave away at looking cute to get ANY attention, I HATE being taken for granted!!!

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