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The Bunny Tunes Chart

It's done it again! Over the garden is STILL number 1! Let's dig together has done well too, probably due to international diggy day. Watch out also for Do a binkie, it's creeping up again!

1. Over the garden (282 votes)
2. Hare (230 votes)
3. Do a binkie (220 votes)
4. Bunaway (178 votes)
5. Casper's colours (96 votes)
6. Let's dig together (93 votes)
7. Munchin flowers (53 votes)
8. Here runs the bun (32 votes)
9. Can I have my bunny back (30 votes)
10. Merry's song (24 votes)
11. Bunderful tonight (14 votes)
12. Nobody's bun (13 votes)
13. Bunnies bring me love (12 votes)
14. Salad today (11 votes)
15. Hoppin' all over the world (9 votes)
16. Bunny (3 votes)

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