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I worry about the 2 foots. No really, I do worry about them they seem to have an absolute obsession with poo. I would not mind so much if it were there own poo, but they are always poking about in ours! I mean take last night for instance. My pet 2 foot came home, hauled Flopsy Girl out of our cage, and after grooming her, without any warning, flipped her upside down, and started examining her nether regions. The next thing we knew, he had whisked her upstairs, and dumped her in this big deep plastic thing. Well, next thing she knew, the 2 foot put some water in the big deep plastic thing, and then started washing Flopsy Girl's back side. I ask you, the indignity! I think what annoys me the most is that she obviously enjoys all the attention (although they had better not try that one with me I'm telling you!).

The next thing, I'm being lifted out of the cage, and groomed (which is absolutely fine of course), but then, he had the gall to flip me over on my back! I do not know how best to describe the sequence of events that followed, but suffice it to say, it involved my backside, and some baby wipes!

In addition to everything I have just told you, both Flopsy Girl & I have caught the 2 foots poking about in our litter tray to see what we have left. Strange.......

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