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Let's Party!

I just love it when the 2 foots have an attack of conscience!

It must have been nearly 9pm last night when the 2 foots finally came home. They had some stuff with them, and two of those plastic bags that contain the food that they eat that stinks the house out. They do however have their priorities sorted out. They dumped everything in the kitchen, and then came straight to our cage, They lifted us out one at a time, and spent ages fussing over us and grooming us (which is just as it should be). Then, they gave us a particularly large basket of really nice salad, cabbage, and herbs before sitting down to eat themselves. One of them went to bed at about eleven, but the other one stayed up with us. WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING OUT ALL NIGHT, AND WE ARE STILL PLAYING OUT NOW!!!

We have been running about, jumping on the chairs, throwing our food about, life is good!

P. S. I had an e-mail from my 2 foot friend Lisa in America. She said that it sounds like we have a more exciting life than she does. OF COURSE WE DO! You are only a 2 foot. It takes a rabbit to know how to REALLY party!
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