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A party, and I'm not invited!


I have overheard the 2 foots talking. Apparently, there is a party tomorrow at the bunny camp sanctuary. There are stalls, with bunny treats, bric-a-bac, stalls with bunny treats, cuddly toys, stalls with bunny treats, raffles, stalls with bunny treats, 2 foot food (ugh), stalls with bunny treats, lots and lots of other stuff & opportunities to meet the rabbits, and stalls with bunny treats.

All I can say is they had better buy up the entire stall of bunny treats AND BRING THEM HOME TO ME! ok, I'll share a few with Flopsy Girl.

The other reason I would like to be there, is that this is the occasion when my 2 foot is having wax poured over his back, and they are going to rip all his fur off. This is insane. I need to try to understand what it's all about. I'm also concerned that that's all the 2 foots will be thinking about WHAT ABOUT MY TREATS!

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