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Of Weekends and 2 foots

It seems like as every weekend comes along, we get more & more freedom! We were let out on Saturday, and got to stay out for the whole of Saturday night. Quite early on Sunday morning (now I have to stress that it is most unusual for the 2 foots to be seen early on a Sunday morning!), the 2 foots sat down and said to us "We are going to the Bunny Camp open day today. We are going to let you stay out while we are gone, so we are trusting you to be on your best behaviour". We were so surprised by this turn of events, that we just chilled out for the whole day, it was sublime.

When the 2 foots came home, Paul (the one with no fur on the top of his head) was in a real old state! If you remember, he had agreed to have all the fur pulled out of his back. He was reduced to being a simpering wreck, so we had too look after him for a change (he'd better not make a habit of it!).

It's cooler again today, it's raining outside, so me and Flopsy Girl are going to do more chilling out.... until tonight that is, when I think we might just cause some mayhem......

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