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My tactics have produced a result!

Greetings dear readers. Yesterday it was one of those unusual evenings when only one of the 2 foots came home. She took us out of the cage and groomed us both, and then gave us lot's of nice salad and cabbage and stuff, BUT STILL NO TREATS!

The other 2 foot did not come home until about 1am, by which time the 1st 2 foot was fast asleep on the sofa, so he just covered her over with a quilt, and then went up to bed leaving us out to play, BUT AGAIN, HE DID NOT GIVE US ANY TREATS.

By now (as you may well imagine) I was so mad, I could have stamped, and stamped, and stamped, but I remembered my plan, don't get mad, get even, so as soon as he had gone to bed, I pulled all of his video tapes out, and chewed all the boxes! Well, I'm very pleased to say, that it did the trick, for this morning, he gave us a HUGE treat basket filled with nuts, dried pineapple rings, toast, and allsorts!

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