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I knew I was right to be suspicious

I've been having a look around, and it would appear that I was right to be suspicious. The 2 foots are planning some kind of trip. I don't know why, but they are going to some place called Wimbledon. I asked Flopsy Girl about it and she said that she had seen them watching the box in the corner that shows the pictures, and that she had seen them watching Wimbledon on it. She said that it's really weird. Apparently, there are some 2 foots on a lawn playing with some toys, and there are HUNDREDS of 2 foots sat around watching them do it. WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT? We have our own lawn, in fact we have two of them. Me and Flopsy Girl go on our lawn and play, and the 2 foots watch us, so what is the point of going all the way to this Wimbledon place?

It gets worse. Flopsy Girl told me that she heard the 2 foots talking in the car when they were bringing her home from the vet. Apparently, both 2 foots will be away ALL NIGHT. THAT MEANS THAT WE WILL NOT GET TO PLAY OUT! What's worse, only one of the 2 foots is coming back the next day, the other one is going on somewhere else, and then he comes back for one night, and then he's off again!

I can see it now. no playtime, no food, we are going to starve. If my journal suddenly stops, you will know it's because I have starved to death. I was so stupid to trust them!

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