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Bun of the month

We are doing the new Bunny Camp News next week. Last month's Buns of the month were Velvet & Miss Bea. Who would you like to vote for to be bun of the month for July?

1 Friska
2 Smudge
3 Jetty
4 Sooty
5 Loopy
6 Mr. Fritz
7 Hans Solo
8 Ginger Biscuit
9 Rupert
10 Sally Bun
11 Oatmeal
12 Honeybunny
13 TiGgEr
14 Domino
15 Loppy
16 Precious
17 Bogangles
18 PeeWee
19 Noellebella
20 Clover
21 Radcliff
22 Weasley
23 Freddie


Jul. 21st, 2006 06:49 pm (UTC)
Yay way to go Velvet and Miss Bea, thanks from Sooty xxx

Have a nice weekend too


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