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The pressure of work

As one of the 2 foots is now out of work, I have now taken a job. As regular readers of Bunny Camp News will be aware, I have agreed to become the editor. I must say, although it seemed like a good idea at the time (I thought at least I make sure that each issue has at least one picture of me in it), now I'm not so sure.

I thought that there would be lots of writers submitting things they would like to put in the newsletter, and that all I would have to do would be pick the best.... and then possibly claim the credit if it were a really good article, but it's not working out like that at all! It would appear that there are very few contributors, and that as editor, I'm expected to come up with all kinds of original material!

So I thought, I could write lots and lots about me, but apparently that's not what Bunny Camp wants, they want articles about other rabbits, bunny stories, pictures, and all that kind of stuff!

If anyone could help me by sending me anything at all, I would REALLY appreciate it.


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