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Bunny Tunes Presents - The Ebony Eyes Chris-Moose Disc

It's ready!

We were requested to do some Chris-Moose songs, so we have! There is an eleven track CD with the following track listing:-

1. Hoppin’ around the Chris-Moose tree
2. Now rest you little bunnies
3. Bunnies all run
4. Bunny bells
5. White bunny
6. Dandy the red eyed bunny
7. Bunny Chris-Moose dreams
8. Merry Chris-Moose everybun
9. Welcome Chris-Moose hay
10. Winter wonderland
11. The twelve days of Chris-Moose

Now as you can see, there are too many songs for a single, but not enough for an album, so I don't really know how to describe it, except to say that it lasts just over 25 minutes.

If you would like a copy (and I hope you would, as all proceeds are going to the Hairy Mob), just send a donation (anything you like) made payable to J. Evans to:-

Bunny Tunes Chris-Moose Disc
42 Nidd Approach
Deighton Bar
LS22 7UJ

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