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Don't you like the hairy mob or what?

So here we have been, busting a gut, making you all a Chris-Moose CD, and how many orders have we seen for it so far? NOT ONE!!!

Now I know that Star & Sweetpea, and Merry & Ringo are sending orders, and because they have to cross the big pond then they have not arrived yet, BUT WHAT'S THE EXCUSE FOR EVERYBUN ELSE, WELL LET ME TELL YOU, THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!

So if you want to hear the Bunny Tunnes Chris-Moose CD (not that you deserve to), AND help the Hairy Mob to have a nice Chris-Moose, then send a donation (no matter how small) made payable to J. Evans, care of:-

Bunny Tunes Chris-Moose Disc
42 Nidd Approach
Deighton Bar
LS22 7UJ

Do it now, or me and Millie will send somebun round to con-fee-scate all your treats!!!

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