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It's going to be today!!!

I hard the 2-foots talking. They said that they are going to be planting the Chis-Moose tree TODAY!!!

I can't wait to see it, because I've never seen a Chris-Moose tree before. I wonder what it will be like? Millie said that last year it was all sparkly and made the whole burrow seem magical. I hope so, you see although this will be my 3rd Chris-Moose, it will be the first one that I will have spent with Millie and our pet 2-foots, as I was in prison for my last two Chris-Mooses, so all that meant was that I got even less food than a normal day, and there were no presents, and no other buns to talk to, so as you can imagine, this Chris-Moose will be a very special one for me.

This whole year has been fantastic. I have gone from being a lonely bun who spent all his time locked up, to having a HUGE burrow where I'm free to go almost anywhere I want to. From only having really poor dried food, to haveing the very best pellets that tokens can buy. From having no greens or carrots or anything, to haveing lovely fresh salad and veggies, and the finest grass and hay.

I am a very lucky bun.

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