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Well that's it then!

I have had my very first extra special Chris-Moose. When I think back to the old days before I moved in with Millie Bun, well... There is just no comparison.

I have got a question to ask everybun though. On Chris-Moose day, we had an extra 2-foot. This one was called Aged Auntie Gladys. She's ok though 'cos she brought us some breadsticks, well, I say she's ok, but she does something REALLY strange. She keeps dried leaves that are rolled up in paper in her pocket, and instead of taking them out of the paper and munching them like any sane bun would, she puts the whole thing paper and all (I assure you that I'm not kidding, seriously, this IS what she does) in her mouth, and then sets fire to it. Then she starts coughing and has to take it out again. The thing is though, she doesn't seem to realise how stupid this is, beacuse as soon as she has finished coughing, she puts it back in her mouth again!

Both me and Millie watched her do this several times, we just could not fathom out why wven a 2-foot would do such a stupid thing! What's worse, it made the whole burrow stink, and the smell still has not gone away.

Does anybun have any experience of 2-foots exhibiting similar behaviour?

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