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Peace at last

Now that both of the 2-foots have gone back to werk, we have at last managed to get a decent day's sleep. Although having said that, we did find time to chew a nice cardboard box in the bedroom. It's the one that the 2-foot with no fur on the top of her head uses to keep a thing that blows warm air at her head in. Before you ask, I know it sounds stupid, but every morning, the doe 2-foots wets her fur (on purpose!), and then gets this blowy thing out of the cardboard box to help to dry it again.

I think that the reason is, she spent good pellet tokens on buying the blowy thing, so now she thinks that she has to justify that by wetting her fur every morning, just so that she can get the blowy thing out of it's box and point it at her head every day.

The way I see it is, if she has spent OUR pellet tokens buying the blowy thing, then she has no right to complain if we treat its box as food!

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