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We've got a posh new dish, but...

I want words with that Loopy Bunny. Loopy, you need to take some action to sort out Baldy. He kept our 2-foots out until nearly midnight!!! The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head went out at midday, and came home just long enough to clean us out and feed us before he was off again! Apparently, he was concerned that Baldy was in a strange town all on his own, so he thought that he and the 2-foot with the fur on the top of her head should spend some time with him. WELL I SAY PAH! The 2-foots are supposed to spend their time with us, and not go out gallivanting until all hours!!!

We do have a posh new dish though, a red one. The 2-foot brought it for us from the rabbit show along with some food to put in it so that's alright. The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head told me that he thought it was disgusting how the buns at the rabbit show were kept in tiny cages (some with wire bottoms), and that the 2-foot judges were handling the rabbits really badly, holding their ears and not supporting their legs when they carried them. He said that it was every bit as bad as he had feared and that he didn't think he'd ever go to another rabbit show.

That made me feel even safer. Now I'm certain that I will never have to go to a rabbit show again.

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