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Countdown to February 18th

In 19 days time, it will be exactly one year since Dandy left to go to the rainbow bridge, so 18th February 2007 will be the very first official "Dandy Day".

We need to start making plans right away. How are we going to celebrate the life of the most handsome, talented, and modest bun in the world? I know that we will do all the obvious things like binkie, and eat carrots in his honour, but what I would REALLY like are suggestions to do things that are REALLY special. You might know a bun in trouble that needs your help, or you might want to sponsor a bun at Bunny Camp or Ebony Eyes, or you might want to open all of your windows and play Bunny Tunes at top volume so the whole of Lagamorphia can hear it, but whatever you do DO IT PROUD.

Please let me have your suggestions and comments so that I can pass them on to Pry-Minister Millie so that we can make 18th February 2007 the first ever Dandy Day a day that will NEVER be forgotten.

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