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We got our way... But the trouble is, I'M STARVING!!!

The 2-foots went out early today, and they have only just got back. Apparently, they have been to a place called Winzer, which is where the queen lives, so while they were there, they had a look around her burrow. The queen is a very strange 2-foot indeed. Her name is Freddy Mercury, and she has lots of woofs that poo everywhere. She is bonded with a buck who is called Phil-Da-Greek. She also has several kits that have grown up, there is one called Chuck, one called Andy, one called Hann, and one called Teddy. Apparently, she lives in quite a big burrow, but then it would need to be big with all those woofs and grown up kits in it.

I'm hoping that by the time I have finished writing this, that the 2-foots will have stopped messing about, and will have got our food ready, it's hours, and hours late!!!

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