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Mixed Berries

We have a relatively new treat. I think that we are receiving this treat in recognition of out superb writing skills (still no sign of the solid gold water bowl though). Anyway, this new treat comes from the Sainsbury's allotment, where it grows inside a plastic bag. The new treat is called "Dried mixed berries", and it's really good, because you never know what kind of berry you are going to get. There are big ones (I like those best, OBVIOUSLY!), small ones, red ones, black ones, blue ones, and they are all FANTASTIC! We usually just have one in the mornings at the end of our breakfast, I can REALLY recommend them!

I hoped by now that I would have heard that more of you had received "Where Bunnies Dare". If you have received it, please post a review, as I would like to put some reviews in Bunny Camp News.

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