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Jim, an LIA hin-vest-e-gashun

Following reports of "Jim" or "Gym" as he is sometimes known cropping up all over Lagamorphia and distracting our pet 2-foots from their stated purpose of looking after us, I have completed a major hin-vest-e-gashun and come up with the following facts:-

1. Jim is not his real name.
2. His real name is Duncan Bannatyne.
3. He claims to be a dragon who lives in a den.
4. 2-foots are afraid of dragons, so they are obviously being tricked by this "so called" dragon.
5. Dragons are supposed to be scaley, breath fire, and fly
6. I've seen Duncan Bannatyne on the light up box, and although he looks like he possibly could be a bit scaley, I've not seen him breathe fire or fly, so I don't think he is a real dragon.
7. This is a dangerous 2-foot who should be closely monitored by the LIA, and efforts must be made to keep our pet 2-foots away from him.

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