dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

Brrrr....It' cold!

There's all kinds of chaos going on with the 2 foots. First, one of them (Paul), disapeared really early yesterday morning, then the other 2 foot (Chris) went out at the usual time, but then came back before lunchtime (which was why I did not get a chance to use the computer), with her hand all bandaged up. She cleaned us out & fed us, but it took her ages, as she could only use one hand. Even stranger, Paul did not come back at all last night, and this morning, Chris went out to work as usual (still with her hand bandaged up).

Paul finally appeared back today at about lunchtime. He cleaned out the cage, got us some REALLY nice cabbage, lollo rosso, celery, spinach, and basil, but then he went in the other room to play with the big white thing that makes the house warm. Well, there was a big WHOOSH noise, after which, the stupid 2 foot spent ages playing with it, but the house still did not get warm. I'm typing this while he is shouting at someone down the phone, telling them that tomorrow is not good enough, and he wants someone here today! I must confess, I'm freezing, and I hope whoever it is that needs to fix the big white thing gets here really soon!!!!!!!!

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