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Well my freinds. Thank you for your comments. It seems that this cinima thing is a bit of a mystery, and I'm not sure that I really want to know anything more about it, as it sounds a bit scary to me.

The 2-foots must have had a fit of conscience though, as they let us play out all night, and spent all afternoon in the garden with us, but again, the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head did something really strange. He climbed right into the pond, and started pulling out plants. The thing was though, it was not just the plants that came up, but lots of REALLY stinky mud. I thought that the plants must be good to eat or something, but all he did was to pull them out, and then throw them away. Why on earth did he bother? the pond is useless anyway. You can't play on it, and there is nothing good to eat in it. It seems to me that if the plants were no good, then the pond was the best place for them.... although I must admit, we all laughed when he fell over and got wet......

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