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I just really want to say

My writer's block has gone away...

There are so many things that I want to write about. I want to tell you how superb my coat is looking since I just finished moulting. How cute Millie-Bun looks now she has finished moulting, and of course how rubbish the 2-foots are.

The 2-foots can never get things right can they? As you know, we like to lie on their bed during the day, but just as we start to get it just right so we can smell both them and us REALLY WELL on the bedding, THEY TAKE IT OFF AND WASH IT!!! I must admit though, we like to treat this as a challenge. We don't wee or poo on it, that would be too obvious, but we spend hours and hours licking it and chinning it, so it smells just fine again before you know it!

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