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Ah to be a bunny

You know, we are lucky. I was talking to Millie today, and we both agreed that being a bun is the best thing imaginable. We eat what we want (food fur-nit-ure, carpet) when we want (there's always something, even if it's only grass or hay). We play when we want (the middle of the night is good as it keeps the 2-foots awake), and we have 2-foots to wait on us as required. I mean, could you imagine if you were... a woof... Terrible food, smelly, slobbering, DOING AS YOU'RE TOLD!!! Or a meow... Terrible food, ugly, no friends... or worst of all, A 2-FOOT!!! Useless, disorganised, and a slave.

Yep, being a bun is best.

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