dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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The obsession continues.....

The 2-foots are STILL glued to the stupid light up box with the pictures on it. This Fame Academy thing has got so bad now that the 2-foot with no fur on top of his head has actually started joining in. The people on the box were trying to sing a song, and were getting it wrong, so he went upstairs and got this wooden thing that he has with wires streched along it. When he plucks the wires, it makes a noise... Anyway, I was telling you, he was making a noise on this thing just to try to prove that he was somehow better than the people on the box, IT WAS PATHETIC! My wonderful Flopsy Girl however came up with a plan (she's really good at that). She did a huge pile of stinky poo, and sat in it till it was well and truly stuck to her bottom. Of course then the stupid 2-foot had to start paying us some attention, he had to go upstairs with Flopsy Girl and give her a botty bath, which strange to say, she REALLY enjoys.

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